Friday, October 29, 2010


Once again I am more than impressed with our visit to an adventure agency. Summit had a great atmosphere a real cool campus and a great manager. Tom was a very energetic, humorous and overall nice guy. I find myself very taken in by the adventure Rec agencies and am pretty close to 100 percent that that is what I want to do. Since I never had a clue what it is that I want to do with my life this is good. My grades are not looking good for the future, this has gotten me down for some time now. Not to mention that the last time we had heard we were far from certifiable. The two things I was most concerned with coming into this I have royally screwed up. For the past couple two or three weeks this had put me down so much, a long with the daily frustrations, it has come close to ruining the this trip. Its been tough but I am coming around to seeing that all I can do now is try my best to get those two components up to par. What I am finding is that no matter how bad I want the cert or how desperately I want good grades it is not worth letting it ruin this trip. The trip that all of us worked so hard on, and were so excited for and so sure of, is not worth ruining because of those things. I am going to focus on the people here, the things were are seeing the people we are meeting, the kids we will be with and the many, many laughs we have had and will have. I said that “because of ECOEE I….” have found how hard you have to work and devoted you have to be to make a relationship work and how confident I already feel in holding relationships in the future and that is worth more than any grade or cert. Thank you FOLKS(haha), thank you Jeff and thank you Kim. I have gotten more than expected and anything else is a bonus. Live, try to love and for god sakes have some f’n fun.

Pat Croke

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