Sunday, October 10, 2010


No Tetons, what a bummer. But the showers and clean close will suffice for now. Seeing the Mountains from the road was quiet a tease. As I stared out the window I pondered the many things I would like to do on those mountains; climbing, packing, sleep, stare, breathe, slide, fall, trip and recover. Yellowstone had some amazing sights. I love the waterfalls the thermal features, but seeing those mountains reminded me why I decided to take this path in my life. Nothing can compare to the mountains. Their size only shows a small portion of their power and I am blown away. Growing up I’ve only seen scrapers that size, man made wonders that really to me aren’t wonders, just massive accomplishments. But the mountains, those are wonders, with their unforgiving faces and soaring high, it’s a reminder of how small we are and how much is out there and uknown. But they are not real to me, not yet, a glance is not good enough, a picture will not suffice, I want to touch, I want to feel and I want to accompany their peaks, if only for a short moment of time. I am not upset that we are not staying there because I will be back, and bet most of us will. There are things bigger than me, than you, than all of us together. So all we can do is strive to reach their height, weather we get there or not, as long as we do our best and do it with those 7 aspects of LOVE then we can reach the peaks of our mountains within ourselves.
Until then I will stay up all night doing class work and filling my head with more information than I know what to do with. As long as my two comrades (Katy and Sal) hang on I think I’ll be able to manage.
And How!

Pat Croke

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