Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Malheur Nat’l Forest w/ Rare Earth Adventures
These are the days that (we all) I have been waiting for – putting technical skills to the test as we backpack through the Blue Mountains. Our official day started at 8am – just after everyone had heir hot (or cold…) breakfast and packed up their individual shelters (yes, everyone slept under a simple one-person, five dollar tarp from Wal-Mart. And, if you must know, it’s been the best sleep I’ve gotten in the Backcountry.) We began the day by discussing maps, compasses, time control plans (which are a general description of the routes and times for the day), and group roles (such as scout, logger, smoother, and of course – sweeper.) There was also some trail techniques covered to aid in trekking up and down an incline, such as a rest-step and zig-zagging to conserve energy and save the knees. We also briefly discussed how to use a GPS. After miles and miles (or kilometers, rather) of hiking, I realized hat indeed, I haven’t gone for a run since August. Oregon is absolutely gorgeous, Mindy and Andy are fricken awesome, and I can now identify St. Johns Wart. More to come – probably mostly good things. Shoutout to my fam and homies!
“Your mission is always bigger than your current role.”
Denver Murphy

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