Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mt. Smilemore for Mt. Rushmore    
“We shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye.” Or is it an “I”? This is my second visit to the Badlands of South Dakota. Before we arrived to our campsite we had the opportunity to visit a Lewis and Clark Museum. The landscape here is absolutely amazing. For me the visit has already enhanced my opinion of this place as we are situated next to a small but quaint amphitheater that is used for park events.
The bugs are playing the strings, a cool wind is blowing, and the sun is beginning to set over the horizon. We’ve had a good chunk of van time over the last couple of days but it’s an evening like this that will make you forget it all. I am reading a book where the author claims she always has had a hard time “clearing” her mind and instead she prefers to “lose” her mind. I am beginning to understand where she is coming from.
Journals, lessons, chores, and the like continue to keep us busy while cat naps and the sweet sounds of Marvin Gay and John Butler keep us sane. Today I learned what a “Prairie Pothole” is and the sort of role it plays in the environment. You should look it up – they’re actually pretty cool!
Denver Murphy

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