Saturday, October 23, 2010



I am so ecstatic! We are back to the Van, gas station stops and long travel hours… HA. But in all honesty excitement is the word to describe my feelings, California LOVIN’. This state has always been on my bucket list to explore and discover, before it falls into the ocean of course. We are spending many a hours on this Western shoreline and what better way to start with CHRIS’ BIRTHDAY! HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU! We had a buffet style dinner in an Indian Casino, on a reservation. The town was “Chicho”, doesn’t that sound exciting?! Kim, Ashley, Kate and I even went to an old theatre to see Petty Theft (an amazing cover band to the all powerful Tom Petty). We were pointed out for our young age in the crowd by the skinny, top hat wearing lead singer  how could the rest of Cali top this? Well tomorrow we will be in Yosemite. If that doesn’t do it I’m coming back to Chicho.
Farewell for now, the raindrops are making me sleepy.

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