Saturday, October 16, 2010


Day 2 of REA- First Full Day with X-Military Survival Experts
“On Cloud 9,” never understood why this is always referenced when people are really happy but as a result of its definition it works for today. From being able to drink from a water source on all fours like an animal, to hearing an enticing philosophy on fire building, finding natures gold (pitch), chopping wood without an ax, and building shelters in way more ways than one. We were all overwhelmed with happy thoughts and new knowledge. I mean I know I was. Not only was the knowledge there but so was the possibility. The possibility to do something only talked about. Today I drank bleach in a good expectable way. I got to split wood with a really big knife, was able to use my personal pocket knife for more ways than just cutting food or rope, and also got to freshen up on my knots.
This is my third time attempting to write this entry. So much has happened I feel my words can not give it all justice.
One thing I know I can talk about and get on point is the fact that I filleted and scaled a fish today. I have never considered myself a veggie for the “normal” vegetarian beliefs. More precisely I am a veggie because I hate the idea of meat. So much so that I swore up and down I would never touch, let alone scale a fish! But I did!
Once again ECOEE has pushed me to something I have never done before. Of course I have to also give credit for this one to REA. Their idea to smoke Salmon for the veggies that eat fish is what got me to suck it up and just do it.
Today I think it is safe to say that everyone got a lot out of all that happened. Some of the boys got their survival gods they have been dreaming about. Some got the guts to sleep under an open tarp even with a fear of the dark and all got to explore new methods of madness and show strength with different tools…both physically and metaphorically. All gained knowledge and comfort in the back country.
Way to go folks!

Peace and Love Always,
Kate Nelson

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