Friday, October 22, 2010


As I awoke all warm and cozy in Me and Sal’s natural shelter, we remember we had to follow LNT protocols and tear it down. So in the dark we had to tear apart our masterpiece, so we didn’t feel we had to do it quietly. So everyone’s alarm clock became the snap and thuds from the destruction of our home. We started our day on time which is surprising because our instructors are not here this morning. Fields peak our destination is only a distant peak jutting out of the horizon. Some of us, the night before did not think we were going to make it all the way and still be sane, but were all crazy enough to at least give it our best. In three hour and fifteen minutes we made it to the peak, quicker than any of us thought it would take, so we thought we should celebrate with a barely warm drink. As we descend we see our long lost companions Kim and Jeff. Kim is running towards us with a camera like a mom at graduation and we all snap back to E.C.O.E.E life as we knew it before Oregon trails. But with a few more bits of knowledge and a stronger bond between us all.

“The earth and myself our of one mind. The measure of the land and the measure of our bodies are the same.”
-Nez Perce Chief Joseph


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