Sunday, October 17, 2010


“Life Experiences Shaping Me as We Speak”
(My seven word response for Denver’s debrief question of how we felt)

All I can think about is how awesome everybody will think I am once I tell them about this. When we first got here, I introduced myself as a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t be any happier right now. So far, I’ve done a great amount of complaining on our schoolwork. This break from our academic responsibilities is a real treat for me. I’ve always found survival training like this fascinating. I bought my little SAS book to flip through while in the van, asking Keenan and Pat if they want to set up a snare trap once we get into camp. I can’t believe this right now- we’re about to head into the mountains of Oregon with a bunch of military survival instructors. I have always said that I would love to take a survival course if I had the time and the money. I just pray now that I retain even half of the knowledge I gain within these next few days.
Like I said in debrief last night, we’re doing a great job of finally implementing everything we’ve been talking about for the past two months. We’ve just got to make sure we run with this experience as a group. The next few days I’m sure will hold a skill set and methods of teaching it that are plenty different from what we’re used to. I couldn’t be happier to see how great of a time everybody is having here. Talking to some of you guys and getting the same vibe as me that this is our niche is a great feeling to have. I have been having so much fun that it hasn’t crossed my mind to be anything but happy. I’m not homesick, I’m not bummed about missing Becky, and I’m not the least bit stressed. If I said that I weren’t becoming increasingly interested in joining the service after this, I’d be lying. Not knowing what to expect at all, I still find myself fascinated by the unique set of circumstances that have lead me to be at this place and point in my life.
I had no idea what to expect for this week, but in many ways I had no idea what to expect going on ECOEE either, even after a full semester of preparation. Of course, it’s easy now, but it makes me think about how important attitude is with the unfamiliar. Hopefully this one will last for a while once we’re out of here. After this, we’re hittin California. Mind you that it slipped my mind that Oregon is on the coast, but I can’t believe we’re this far along. So again, try your best to soak it all in, especially while the pace is a bit slower. I love all you guys, even when you all piss me off like crazy. I wish I could write so much more to record this once in a lifetime experience. Cheers


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