Friday, October 15, 2010


Undisclosed Campsite

“One’s mans wilderness is another mans theme park”
If this is true I feel like I am at six flags right now with a fast pass to every ride! Waking up this morning the group is alive. Knowing just enough to make our minds wonder. Rea will pick us up at nine am, we wont need our tents for the first 3 days, oh and…..there X military. You all know what I have to say about this…..WOOF. Upon arrival I see to my delight 3 new faces and they all bear a smile. Josh, Mindy, and Andy take the lead in a way of which none of us are used to. No complaints from this girl, I am one happy camper! Yet it seems like everywhere we go….people wanna know, who we are. Sooooo im going to tell ya! WE got Ryan, Pat, Sal, Denver, Keenan and Kate. Evan, Jess, Ashley, Chris, Katy….oh that’s just a taste. Ashley she’s our baby and little rugrat too, but don’t you let that fool you she knows more than many of us do. Sal in other words the candy man, typically seen hopping through the forest in the most unique of way. Unless that is he is missing his precious Beckita. Evan is our computer nerd and without his math skills I would surely be in a world of hurt. Ryan ever so precious he may be. Loves what he’s doing and the woman in his life. Don’t worry if he doesn’t like it he will be sure to tell ya. Jessica oh Jessica thank goodness for her, our resident hippie not only bringing great smells but lots of laughter too. Kate is the one who hates the hate. Peace love and happiness and lots of giggles to go around. Kennan may be one of our smelly ones. Yet he adds a secret spice that makes things oh so nice. Pat is very loud and yet oh so quite. He is the boy that’s brainy and a goof ball. Then there’s Denver Murphy our song master, bringing harmony to the group and always makes sure to point out when our energy is high. Chris deserves the nickname of silent but deadly in so many ways. Speaking not so often but when he does it packs a punch. Then there is me Katy, I’ve been told I’m the mother hen. Leaving one word to describe my behavior, DOOLAN…
There it is ECOEE 2010 as brief as I could make it. Mind, Andy, and Josh we are putty in your hands all eager to learn new things. Take our minds and fill them with as much knowledge as possible. Take our bodies and give us the technical skills that match. Lastly take our hearts back into the world we love to be in. The Wilderness calls!

Please and Thank You
Katy 

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