Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Craters of the Moon

What an early day! Chow at 6:30 and in the vans by 7:30 woof: Good thing I’m journal and I got to sleep in today. After breakfast, and finally half awake, we cleaned up; let Jeff negotiate the treacherous road leading up and out of the KOA, then piled into the van to head westward still. Although the frontier was closed long ago, us Midwesterners might as well be pioneers in a wagon train judging by our wide eyes after we pass the mountains dotting the horizon.

The sights changed again as we entered the violent landscape of Craters of the Moon. Lava flows, pumice, half blasted apart necks of volcanoes. I’ve personally always wanted to see a landscape like this, so that’s one more thing to check off the bucket list.

Being able to talk to John, a ranger here today was a time for us to finally get some insight on the differences between the NPA and the BLM. On top of that, we also got an interp lesson on the whole formation of Craters of the Moon. I learned we’re 100 years overdue for an eruption, pretty cool to think about.

Jeff and Kim have been in pretty high spirits today, which makes me question,” is the end nigh?” But seriously, it’s good to see them happy. Jeff even joined in a game of hopscotch. This, I thought to myself, is good, this is very good.

Now, after our beautiful sunset, we hunker down to do our work, and maybe tell some jokes. A few of us meander to our tents to sleep, still wiped out from the early morning. I realized these days are kind of rare out here, no chaos, not a lot of bickering. I think that’s something we all understand and appreciate. I mean, when’s the next time Jeff Tindal will be coaxed into a game of hop -scotch? If it’s never, then I’m glad to have seen it now. I know that we’re all glad to be out here, not only for the play, but the experience and the learning.

Thank you Paul, thank you Doc Lupton, Paula, Dale. Thank you Jeff and Kim. Thank you everyone who made it possible for us to be here. And finally than you to the group, for we are ECOEE.


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