Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 73 October 31, 2009 Baja California!

Oct 31 2009
It doesn’t feel quite at ALL like a typical Halloween except perhaps for the gorgeous orange sunrise brimming the horizon over the waters of the Bahia of LA. Or perhaps cause it ends very similarly with another orange and beautiful sundown at a little of the road campsite near the small village of Guadalupe. Oh yea, and did I mention we are in MEXICO! We spent the morning getting ready for the day of travel and logistics prep for a short pack trip to explore some old caves or some nationally protected anthropologic prehistoric sites if you want to be exact. We are going to see six caves over 16 km. Our morning breakfast of eggs and green/red peppers started our new adoption of Francisco vegetarian diet which I am personally excited about. We drove back to the main drag of Highway 1 than took us to a larger town of Guerrero Negro meaning the “Black Warrior”. The town is known for taking whale watching tours. We stopped for gas, water, and groceries the three pivotal ingredients to all road trips especially through the desert. The scenery flattened shortly after hitting the road as we headed south for the 28th parallel which separates Baja from Baja Sur (South) and leads us into the Vizcaino Desert (a part of the Sonoran). The land was covered in cardones which look strikingly similar to suaroro as well tall and skinny sirrius and elephant trees. These odd looking trees dotted the landscape. Barrel and ciollas reminded me of Joshua Tree and we gradually made our way through military checkpoints. We stopped for lunch along the road just after the turn off to San Francisco range. The rest of the way the road tried to the minivan it took many hours to navigate. We stopped to sign in and document our visit.
The desert is beautiful.

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