Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 88 November 15, 2009 Leaving Baja Ca.

Day 88 November 15, 2009
Suddenly it seems we have begun to turn the bus around and take our Baja Ca and other opportunities home with us already. So soon it also seems that we have already left and distanced the experiences we had just weeks ago and here we carry along neither here nor there yet nor back behind but here. The work to be done is nothing for us. Cleaning and organizing is something our group can find the collaboration whenever it is necessary and we completed the tasks that the end of the sea kayak adventure asked for. So Casa Azul is ready for another trip as well as our preparations for the return to the States and itinerary ready for completion. We discussed today about what we can do to satisfy some concerns regarding returning home in time to make the upcoming holiday most convenient. IT didn’t come as a surprise that most of the group has been feeling the urge to get going as soon as possible. But as I looked around the bay today and saw its beauty from a few new angles on a run with Pete, I felt nothing but the urge to stay. As we made it up high along a mountain trail with a local canine companion to join us and noticing all the others which lined the streets guarding the streets. In the bay you can see a few of the boats harbored and the spread of houses which create the old fishing town. You could see the light blue of our residence and the shape of the white sailboat statue near the entrance to town. I pondered about how much of the town has changed into eh past years through changes from mining and the addition of a road that could lead you in. Just how short of a visit we have had but how much we accomplished. We have meet many friends and talking with them their graciously smiling faces encourages me to return because I feel there are more to share here and more to be learned. For me it is to go diving under the water and to hike up into the mountains hoping to continue discovering the treasures the natural resources here in Baja Ca have for any visitor. But I will not forget that this beauty exists because of the creation and timelessness afterwards. I am thankful for the experiences that ECOEE has offered me and especially thank of the members of our lovely group. We will always be connected and now while we have the time right now, let’s not worry too much about what will come like homework or finals because it is here, the beauty sunny Mexico air that we will miss in just a few days.

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