Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 63 October 18, 2009 Cleaning Day!

October 18th, 2009 Day 63

Today is our last full day at Summit Adventure. The amount of time we have stayed here its starting to feel like home. Many tired from Madera Peak yesterday, today their may be time to rest and relax. Nate our FOD still had a list of chores for us to do as a group. We needed to get our tents torn down and packed up, get the vans and trailer clean, and also clean up Summit. Breaking off into groups to all get the chores seemed to be the most effective way. Pete, Grant and I tackled the van and trailer cleaning and finding many things we had lost along the way. Others worked on tents and getting Summit cleaned and ready to go. Once we had our chores done we had some time to ourselves to do homework and get ready for our lessons that we needed to be presenting soon. Sean, Matt, Pete and I walked to the store to get some personal items and snacks for the next few days. This gave us a chance to check out Bass Lake a little bit. We all got a chance to see some of the car show going on. This day was different than any other. Early on during the day Jeff, Christine, and Kim took off for a day full of grading. This was a weird day for many of us. We usually have a meeting for the FOD and AFOD and we had to figure these out on out own as a group. This led us to make decisions just as students. It was a good day for us to trust in our own ideas and decisions although it was strange and may exited to see our family back together at night. Peace Love and Happiness.

- Cassi

When man moves away from Nature his heart becomes hard – Lakota

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