Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 95 November 23, 2009 Peace, Love, and Happiness!

November 23rd, 2009 Day 95

Wow! Day 95. Sounds strange because this trip has gone by so fast. At times I have felt is creeping by and other seem like weeks and days. Through al of this I have learned a whole new spectrum of things. How to live with 13 people through hard times and bad is a challenge. Dealing with these times makes me feel so much more confident with dealing with people in the future. It will make big things in the past with friends and family seem so small. Even through hard times, we all have grown to love each other. Seeing these gorgeous places together we have appreciated them as one. If we ever visit in the future we will remember and laugh at these times, I have no doubt about that. Personally I don’t think I will fully understand what I have learned and seen until I return. Our minds overwhelmed with the work load, unable to grasp fully what this has done for myself. Experiences take some time to sink in, or something else will happen that will later make a connection. Seeing the Grand Canyon and how huge this is makes me think of people saying pictures don’t do justice. In a way I feel the Grand Canyon like my life, all stopping at different points and places and it looks different, but still your life. ECOEE has been that first glance I saw it was almost disorienting but comforting. We have all been overwhelmed but loved this experience. Peace, Love and Happiness.

I love you all - Cassi

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