Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 70 october 25, 2009 Rock Climbing day 2!

Josh Boyer/ Day 70/ 10-25-09

Today was another day that we had to wake up for 6 A.M. chow circle. We woke up early so we could get a good rock-climbing site since we were going rock climbing again with our new friends Christina and Dan. We arrived at our destination called Dairy Queen rock and had to climb lots of large rocks to get to the rock face. Kim had said that she probably couldn’t even do this because of the pain in her knees, so Dan and Christina adapted and made the decision to go to a different rock front to climb. We went to Hemmingway rock. As our instructors went to the top of the big rock to set up ropes that we will climb with, lots of people kept on showing up. And since we had three parts of the rock marked out and had a group of eleven people just sitting and waiting, many people were getting upset. There’s a bunch of sweet climbing spots that these climbers wanted to do, and all they saw was a group of crazy people sitting and taking over the spots. The climbing went pretty well. The rock today was a lot higher than the rock from yesterday. Although not everyone climbed today, the one’s who did climb seemed very happy after achieving the height. I had a good time seeing how the ARC instructor’s taught and ran a program. It was enjoyable to talk with them and get to know them. The instructors and the students from San Diego State were leaving today. Farewell and we will see you Thursday as we make our way to visit San Diego State. It should be a good time and I’m looking forward to it.
Josh Boyer

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