Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 74 November 1, 2009

Josh Boyer/ Day 74/ 11-01-09

Today was our first day of backpacking in Mexico. We all woke up from the sounds of bells and chimes banging together from the burros that were walking around in the distance. We had breakfast, got our packs together and hiked down to Guadalupe to drop off our bags of food, pots, and pans to leave for the burros to carry that were going to meet us at our destination. We also met Ramon there in Guadalupe. It was interesting to see how the villages there were like. The houses were made of slabs of wood with dried palm tree leaves for roofs. There were donkeys in front hanging out in different spots and poo around in big clumps. Chickens were running around eating seed on the ground, and everything was very run down. It was interesting to see the artifacts that they had there. There were about fifty arrowheads hanging up on the outside of one of the houses. It was also interesting to see that they had solar panels powering a lot of the houses. It really shows the changing of times. As we took our descending hike there were a lot of senses being used. We could see far down a valley with tons and tons of cacti and plants that covered the whole area. There is lots of green here surprisingly, since we are in the desert. At certain times you could smell something sweet from the flowers that were along the trail. It is very fresh smelling to get a scent of the different plants and earth. As we were hiking you could feel many rocks slipping from under your boots and jagged edges. The day was very long, but a great experience, and tomorrow is another day.
Josh Boyer

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