Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 85 November 12, 2009 Sea Lions!

November 12th, 2009 Day 85

As I awoke early this morning earlier than normal I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sky and moon. It was a place I felt at peace and never wanted to leave. As I was laying I started thinking about the question was had previously been asked what is ECOEE?
- ECOEE so far has been the hardest, but experience I needed the most in my life right now.
- I have seen places and met people that will be lifelong friends and family.
- It has taught me that no matter how hard things get in life, everything will be ok.
As we are challenged everyday we are slowly learning the deeper meaning of ECOEE, one they cant put in a class description course book. We have individually all figured this out on our own. Its slightly different for all, just like our days here. Today for instance paddling, all chatting about different things makes us all grow closer. Getting to see the sea lions play and simply live free was very inspiratual. As I look back on my day I couldn’t of had a better one. Waves now rolling in another awesome nights sleep ahead of me in this relaxing environment.

Love you all, Cassi
Whatever tomorrow brings ill be there with open arms and open eyes.

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