Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 80 November 7, 2009

Saturday November 7, 2009-Day 80
Today began slightly earlier for me as we once again put to test our new and improved cook group system as Grant, Matt and I whipped up toads in a hole featuring potatoes. It was a great start for a day full of kayaking. There is something about waking up on a out of this world comfortable cot in the slightly salty sea air just as the sun is rising that bewilders me and makes me feel lucky to be a part of this planet, group, and all the experiences this life we are living leads that really makes a person glad to just get the day going more than just about any other place in the entire world.
With that being said we cleaned dishes after eating and had some down time as we waited until 8:00 for Elizabeth to arrive and the half of the group going through sea kayaking practice soon after. The rest of us prepared our rations, cleaned and then shopped for some exclusive items that should fill out the planned meals of the particular LOD’s upcoming days. Sooner than we thought the kayakers for the day made it back to shore and greeted us with stories and jokes about their day on the water as lunch was prepared and served. Post cleanup some productive free time was given to the group where we journaled, planned and prepared lessons, and some went to stores around this little town which represents a small town feel with enough culture and history as New York City. At 1:00 we met at the beach for a hilarious personal hygiene lesson by Jake featuring Harry Hygiene in all his glory, small legs, arms and all with an oversized head covered in sun block, tooth paste, and our personal favorite food..humus. Let’s only hope our fine group stays true to the concepts taught in Jake’s lesson especially as we set sail, or paddle, in a couple of days.
Soon after Jakes lesson we jumped in the kayaks for our first go at the sea with the entire group. It was a lot different riding in the tandems but with some practice became an equally enjoyable experience. We continued kayaking for a couple hours trading places within our diamond formation until we once again reached shore and put the kayaks to sleep upon arrival. What a fun day with ECOEE on the water and a tease of what is to come!
For dinner our neighbor John continues his gracious hospitality representing the peninsula of Baja California as he again gave us two fish and a bucket of clams. Tomorrow we look forward to sharing our thankfulness to live the privileged lives that we do by cleaning up an area of need, it is good to be a part of ECOEE!

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