Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 79 Training Day!

November 11th, 2009 Day 79

Today was the best day of my life. Finally we did what we came to Baja California to do. Today was sea kayaking training day for half of the group but before we could bit the water, Matt gave everyone an introductory safety lesson on how to properly dress for the water and a basic rundown on paddle signs. With our new knowledge it was time to hit the water with Jeff and refresh our paddling skills. While we were on the water the other group was hard at work back on the porch of Casa Azul packing food for the trip on the water. After our morning of paddling strokes, T- rescues, and a quick trip to the lighthouse we put the boats to sleep and met up with the other half if the group at the museum where everyone was able to look back in time of Baja De California to see how the way of life has evolved here and what different species of animals call this peninsula home. It also gave us the opportunity to pick up gifts for friends and loved ones. With some time before lunch everyone split up to explore the town and check out the different markets and stores around the Casa. After a delicious Midwestern lunch of Chicago style hotdogs and potato salad we went to our classroom for the day on the beach and listened to lessons from Cassie and Kim on geology and conflict resolution. The group quickly realized that we had no future in music and should stick to recreation after Christine’s attempt to teach us a song that involves both rhythm and lyrics. While the cooks started to work on dinner the group had some more free time to explore before Elizabeth’s presentation on Sea Turtles and what efforts are being done to help protect them. Afterwards Ron fried up another backcountry fish that we got from our neighbor John and added it to Christine’s dinner. With full stomachs we enjoyed the rest of the night said goodnight to our new friends and went to bed.


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