Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 76 November 3, 2009 Last day of mule packing!

November 3rd, 2009 Day 76

Our last day to see the murals of Baja California is a sad one for me. This spot is truly a hidden oasis in this remote area of the sierras. The culture and heritage was have experienced through these murals and interpreting stories of our own. The painters created there masterpieces of human and animal figures. Rock Art including overlapping images of men, women, deer, bighorn sheep, rabbits, and birds. Many in black and red and some in both colors. Arms on the men and women were always up some half red and black, some all red, and some all black. All of the animals seemed to be in motion or action. The vultures or birds we viewed were always in flight as well. These murals could be stared at for hours upon hours and we could see and notice something different. Coming to camp we all got a chance to ride around on the mule with our guide Ramon. He guided us around camp and gave us an opportunity to get pictures taken so we have a souvenir to take home and show our families. Getting to know what Ramon does and how to pack a Burro is something I thought I would ever get to see. This trip has given me so many experiences, I would never of gotten the chance to have, and I am very thankful for that. Even thought there is a language barrier between us Ramon is giving in everyway possible and made this trip unforgettable for me. He is by far one of the most simplest and happiest people I have ever come by and is very inspiring. All that glitters is not gold! Peace, Love and Happiness.

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