Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 60 October 15, 2009 Summit Adventure

Josh Boyer/ Day 60/ 10-15-09

Our fearless facilitator of the day Cassie woke everybody up for breakfast and for us all ready for our day. After we all ate breakfast and cleaned up, the whole group left to go on a little hike at Tuolumne grove. During the hike there was much to see, there was huge Sequoia trees at multiple areas. The biggest Sequoia was called grizzly den. This tree was large! It was nine stories high, which is taller than the statue of liberty. There also were lot of birds chirping and you couldn’t of picked a perfect day to hike. When we came back to Summit Adventure we met with Tom Smith who helps run this place. He talked about what Summit Adventure does and is offering for paid participants. Summit Adventure does and has done a lot of trips from hiking to mountain climbing. Some times they have father and son trips, and some times they have trips for high school students only. All of these trips are centered on getting people closer relationships with one another, and since they are a Christian based company, the more people who come closer to God the better. They do and have been doing great work for many people, and they are a sense of fresh air from lots of other wilderness adventure companies.

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