Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 64 October, 19 2009 Malibu CA.

Day 64

Sean (FOD) woke us up at 7:00am for chow circle. His plan was to have the chefs for the next three days to go shopping right breakfast, so he woke up the chef’s going to the store a little earlier, to plan and get a bit more ready for the day. While the chefs left for the store, the rest of the crew stayed at Summit Adventure and got all the gear and equipment in the vans to get ready to leave. While shopping, Shane and Christine left to get an oil change on the mini-van, and Pet, Cassie, Kim and I hunted for our food. We did well splitting up and gathering our list, but the problem was that after we bought the food, our bill came out to be $442.00 for three days. We were about $200.00 over budget. What can we do to help keep the budget lower next time we shop?
1. Buy generic products
2. Compare prices
3. Buy in bulk
After shopping Sean took us on an 8-hour drive to LACOSS in Malibu California. Malibu was beautiful and lavishing. I could tell we were all excited to be here, because the group jumped out of the vans with smiles on their faces, and right away they started playing haki-sac, or playing in “The black hole”, a game they had at LACOSS where a black fence was placed in a circle, and in that circle kids played dodge ball. We then met with Greg (director at LACOSS), got to our cabins, ate dinner, and rested up for an early morning the next day as we meet with LACOSS, follow the instructed groups, and find out the logistics of how LACOSS works.
Jacob Boyer

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