Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 91 November 19, 2009 Heading Home!

November 19th, 2009 Day 91

Our first morning back in the states was an early one as we woke up once again before the sun to clean out the classroom that that we called home for the night to repack the vans and trailer for our trek back east towards Horn Field and Turkey Day. The logistics of packing took a different route this time as we were trying to leave out only what we were going to need for the last 6 days of the trip. Jim met with us in the morning and talked to us about how he got involved in the recreation field and what is going on at Aztec Recreation. Aztec is one of the best recreation centers that I have seen on a college campus that offers something for everyone at a reasonable and fair price. Jim spoke on Aztec Adventures and told us about all of the trips that they take for fun as well as college credit. I wish that I could go on an expedition for a class. It was interesting to hear of all the different partnerships and relationships that Jim and his employees have made to help them become what they are and be able to offer a wide variety of activities. After the meeting it was time to load the vans and head out of town. After a quick grocery run to the local Walmart that was conviently located in the Westfield Mall we headed to camp for the night at Cuyumaca State Park. Tomorrow is our last pro-visit for outdoor education and our journey to the Grand Canyon begins.

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