Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 61 October 16, 2009

October 16th, 2009 Day 61

Jake gave us the morning to do whatever was needed individually especially our newsletters and journal entries. Other people took the time to work on committee work, do lesson plans, and work on other assignments. It was nice to have the morning to just relax to some music and work. Grant prepared one of my favorite all time lunches of salami, cheese and crackers. While we were eating Jeff talked about the history of Summit Adventure and how they have evolved. It was cool to see everything that Jeff either built or helped to create to make this place what it is today. After the history talk Jeff took us over to the logistics trailer to show us where the courses plan their trips out of and also where gear is stored and checked out of. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to chopping and stacking as well as continuing to work on individual assignments. After a delicious stir fry prepared by the cook group we had debrief where we found out about the hike that we where going to go on the next day. Jeff gave us a refresher on map and compass to help us get ready for the summit that we were going to shoot for atop Madera Peak. Before we split up into groups to find a way to the top we took a break for cake and a toast to Kim and Matt to celebrate and wish them a happy birthday. After refueling with a delicious cake made by Christine we were to work making TEC’s for the next day. When everyone was done we brought the group together to make one final plan that we were going to travel on. With everything prepared we all went to bed to rest for the next day. Sweet dreams fellow Ecoeeians and I cant wait for what tomorrow brings.


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