Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 84 November 11, 2009

Day 84 11/11/09

Dear Mom and Dad,

Mexico has been amazing. We have seen so many things that are beautiful and inspiring. Seeing an actual whale, fin whale to be exact is something I’ve wanted to see live. If feels good to be on the water paddling again, sleeping on beaches and have all the stars in the sky as a night light. This place has a much different feel then Canada but at the same time it feels quite the same. There is both large, majestic creatures that roam anywhere they please. There is also this weird feeling of being able to wander anyplace we choose with respect to the wildlife. Cooking in the backcountry in both places seems very similar. A mixture of noodles, cheese, a little of this, a little of that. No matter the combination it is always good.

As I lay here in the same clothes I’ve worn for the last week, I think of home and the family. I miss the card games and monicals, Barb and Tony coming over, and I miss Goliath but not really. I miss our talks and being able to come home on sundays for church and the best meal I’d get all week. I miss the things that I thought were necessities but are really just things I took advantage of. I now see that to be happy it is not my T-shirt collection, the number of movies or video games I have. Its first of all being happy with who I am. On an expedition, we the leaders, are supposed to take care if four things, ourselves, the group, the gear, and nature. I find myself wanting to take care of nature more. Both at home and here. Right now we are surrounded by so many endangered and precious ecosystems.

For one of our lessons today we picked up rocks and underneath were so many life forms. A sea cucumber that said “don’t touch me” and others I have no idea of their names. They are just as important as everything else. Several are snorkeling now and after the amazing finds I’m sure several more will want to explore the ocean or at least the few feet we are brace enough to swim in.

Tomorrow our journey will continue again. Hopefully we will see something else that will be beartiful or amazing. Either way I have nothing to complain about here. This is paradise and its time for bed.

Love ,


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