Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 72 October 27, 2009 Rock Climbing with Jeff!

October 27th, Day 72

It was another early morning at Indian Cove for us as we woke in time for the beautiful sunrise. The thought of a solo definitely put people into a better mood and we packed camp after breakfast in hopes of not being there for the night. When everything was put away we headed down to meet Jeff where we were going to be having climbing school 101. Jeff went over some more of the fine points of rock climbing as well as his methods that weren’t covered as well the previous days with ARC. When everything was covered on the ground we broke into groups of 2 to head up onto the wall and practice setting anchors on our own. Jeff would come by with advice or just smile so that he could have a teachable moment later which happens to be one of my favorite parts of the day. When everyone was close to being done and we got to the “T” of EARNST it was time to put our skills to the test and rappel off. Once down below we had time to climb our hearts out and enjoy the fruit of our labor. In the early afternoon we cleaned up and headed back to camp for our solo talk with Jeff and possible ideas that we could do with our time. Jeff then took us off to our respected places for the next 36 hours and our solo was underway.


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