Monday, August 30, 2010


Barely a mode of travel

The wait is over were finally on the water. However, our first stretch of river is barely a river at all, more like a creek. Instead of paddling I find myself scrambling over rocks. At one point my canoe partner Jess got her leg wedged between a rock and the canoe, when I tried to go back to help her I slipped and fell. This basically describes our mode of travel for the first day on the water. After many hours on the river and very little travel we were forced to stop and camp at an open meadow, scattered with moose tracks. We learned to cook in the backcounty or we learned how not to cook I should say. Our first meal was great, after we finished we decided not to hang our bear bags, so hopefully we don’t feed any bears, however I feel like some of us wouldn’t mind seeing one. Even though this day didn’t go as planned I still cant keep the smile off my face, were finally out here, and were doing it. Mistakes maybe plentiful, but the opportunities are endless

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