Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 5

The past five days have been rough to say the least. A whole lot of work followed by very little sleep and followed again by even more work. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said do work over the summer. For me it was a struggle to even start the week, having a strong urge to not even go on the trip all together because of situations at home, I have definitely put myself to the test. But a collaborative act from those who care has really helped me to begin to find my place in ECOEE once more. My mother telling me to put my “big boy pants” on, Jeff giving me a supportive and insightful talking to, support from my father and sister and of course the comfort I am finding in my group members. No matter how hard the day, hot the sun, and short the sleep the time I spend with my ECOEE mates has done nothing but give me confidence in the whole expedition. I enjoy seeing everyone helping each other and putting aside there wants for others. Hearing your troubles, concerns and hardships has helped me to deal with mine. So aside from the mushy feeling entry, I also wanted to express how extremely stoked I am to get on the water. Even going to Dixon Mounds has got me excited; dressing up and looking all professional, what a mind job. So everyone keep your eyes wide, minds on go, and your bodies on super drive because you can’t relive your memories, you can only look back on them…Ahhh I can’t end it like that, lets do it the right way BANG-A-RANG!!!!

Pat Croke

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