Monday, August 30, 2010


Hear this ECOEEIANS.

Tomorrow is the day of days. We’ve been doing grunt work for several days now and we are all ready to take residence in mother nature’s humble abode. For our backs may be broken from the weight put on our shoulders, our minds in a fluster, yet we all believe in this thing we call ECOEE. Some of us have taken a few blows, but at this point its okay if you don’t believe in yourself, because we all believe in what we are doing, and that’s the first step in believing yourself. As we leave society and head into the Great Northwoods hear this; Let the cold wind blow over, for the green grass and clover, let the sky weep to the roots of your locks, let it wash away your name and clear away your thoughts, flood your mind with love and your roots will grow stronger, we are all free to be, but for how much longer? We’ve cut down forests and sucked the blood from the land, we’ve fenced out animals and even caged man. To be free is not liberty, but an unclouded mind.

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