Monday, August 30, 2010


It’s hard for me to even call this a paddling trip so far. I feel if we have done more walking our canoe’s through the water than we have actually paddling. Nerveless I would be ignorant if I said I had not learned anything up to this point. We have been to two campsites and my tent group and I have started to make yummy meals! Today was also the day of our first portage, WOOF! It was a hot day and the packs were heavy but judging by our debrief I feel as if most of us enjoyed the manual labor. While on the water we achieved the necessary mistakes to now know that things are not always what they seem to be. With the water levels being 30 feet lower than usual the maps are slightly confusing but only with time will the sunshine of our minds clear the fog. On the group aspect we are developing more and more as the time ticks by. Today was the first day that I saw us genuinely working as one. Whether we were portaging our equipment, staying together as a pod in canoe’s or even going as far to the five girls all ducks in a line sitting on a bluff in crouched position getting our “business” done. As Jeff said in debrief he loves hearing the laughter and as do I. I say we keep the good times rolling and work hard. So that way in the end we can play harder, until next time.

Peace, Love, Wilderness

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