Monday, August 30, 2010


4th day on the water

For the first time last night, I got a chance to look up at the stars and appreciate where we are. The scenes we are stepping outside of our tents to are absolutely gorgeous. I just can’t believe that this is only our fourth day on the water. Thankfully, Jeff brought extra food. It blows my mind to even think about the sights we all are going to see. What we have all been marveling at on the Discovery Channel for years is going to soon be our reality. One of the coolest feelings I have ever had is the few times I’ve been somewhere and experienced something, and then afterwards seen it on TV. That is going to be us!! We’ve got a great group, and we’re getting better by the day. Our IP-3 exercise helped shed a new light on my personality, and how I am perceived by others. My chance at this journal makes me want to give a Ninja Turtles movie style breakdown of everyone, but I’ll save that for another day. Still wishing Joe were with us and still missin’ my baby like crazy. Cheers


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