Monday, August 30, 2010


Day number two at the “Back Water Beach” and boy was it a doozy. I feel like a mouse gaining the courage to go out into a field knowing that I may become lunch. We are here to learn and grow, even if that means toes are stepped on, buttons are pushed, and lines get crossed. However, we shall learn just as the mouse learns to hide and dodge. I cannot even begin to imagine what lies in store for us tomorrow. It is our first full day on the river and I cannot wait to get a firm grasp on what a day on the river looks like. I’m also excited to use my maps more and see the contours of the river I have been dreaming about for so long in real life! I mean, who doesn’t love making the thing that they have been longing for to come true? I know I do. We have all been exposed to what is hopefully the last of the quarreling, but I would be extremely naive to believe that. However, for now I can hope that each of us takes what we have learned about the group and ourselves, and apply it. Just like the mouse learns and applies what it figures out through experience.
-Don’t be afraid to thrash, dangle, and bleed.

Ashley VanSpeybroeck

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