Monday, September 8, 2008

Emilie Litow / /  9-08-08

Beep… Beep… Beep! My watch alarm wakes me up. My sleeping bag so soft and warm but my face in Courtney’s feet motivates me to get up. I slip my running shoes on while others sleep in their tents dreaming until the sun comes up. Derek and I head out for a run and see to many mule deer to count. Back at camp others are stirring and setting up the kitchen because there are pineapple pancakes cooking when we get back. Jake calls out Marco and Polo follows but not fast enough as pancakes our passed out to those who responded first. We eat our pancakes and then it is round two, eggs and tortillas. After breakfast, we scurry about doing our chores so we can get out. Laundry bags packed and computers ready, we head to the Laundromat because we all want clean clothes for the backcountry. Jeff and Rose are long gone, much busier than we are; they have lots to buy for the backcountry. As the day goes on, we keep running into each other; why we have buddies is really a wonder. We all meet up for lunch and talk about our purchases. I must say Ooter had the best deal of the day! After lunch we all split up to finish shopping so are hands and toes do not freeze and fall off. We meet at the Laundromat and then back to camp for dinner, Chicken Alfredo. We hurry through dinner so we can go swimming, but the were already renting the pool out. “ Tag Your It” became the evening activity at the Lander Park. Courtney called us together to brief for the next day as the sun was disappearing. Some went to bed, others to do homework, but nothing stopped us from thinking we had had the perfect day.

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