Friday, September 19, 2008

As I woke up from time to time through out the morning I kept wondering if Ryan (Schible) was sill going to be in the there in the tent. As 7:00 am approached I woke up to start the day, and was shocked and amazed to see Ryan still there. After breakfast we cleaned and packed the campsite an began to read the chapters we were assigned for our meeting and talk at the Washikie Ranger District. Scott Berkinfield talked to the group and informed us of the five uses of the park, land acquirement, the fire problems the park is experiencing, and budget issues as well with all the above. Scott also informed us of how the third instructor (being Mother Nature) can be very helpful in reminding us what to do and what not to do. After our meeting with Scott was done the group then went to pick up our last remaining supplies for our expedition in the Wind Rivers. After our last snack pick up from Safeway grocery store we headed to the trail head at Worthern Meadows. We were delayed a little because of road construction but that didn’t stop us from learning. Courtney made the decision to do a map lesson while we were waiting. As I the group was getting out of the van I was the lucky chosen one to get stung by the bee who was flying around in the van. I know everyone was jealous because they were not the chosen one but not everyone can be a winner. After learning about the wonderful world of maps we had some free time, which was filled by hiking, bouldering, and my favorite napping. When four o’clock came we got back in the van and continued to drive up to Worthern Meadows. With our Campsite next to a lake, tacos for dinner, and a fire at night I couldn’t think of a better way to end the night.

-Stephen Gilbert

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