Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10th, 2008

Rain rain go away come again in about 34 days.  We started off our morning with a bright and early breakfast of MEGA CAKES…. So big you can only eat one!  After our mega cakes the group jumped into packing our food bags.  16lbs was the goal waiting for them to get lighter and lighter.  Around the fourth station the rain we had been avoiding came.  We scurried around pulling the rest of our rations for the next eight days.  It was very fast passed and all of us learned a lesson for the next time labeling is your friend!!!  After lunch and another amazing view of Worthen Meadow Lake we huddled around under the tarps to pack our packs with all of our gear.  Under the tarps we huddled and rummaged yet again trying not to get soaked. After repacking and reweighing we moved on to the next task bomb proofing the trailer.  The rain came and went for the rest of the day.  When I saw Jeff counting on his fingers 1…2... and he didn’t even make it until three we all headed to the van, and tents for cover.   If you wanted sleep though the van, which we thought was a good place, was not one for sleeping.  Later that night trying to use every food item that would spoil Courtney and Ryan made an amazing stew, Jake rocked out with dessert and made cinnamon and sugar tortillas for all to enjoy while waiting on our feast.  Finally after our dinner and debrief we all headed to the tents for our last night before entering the backcountry.

Ryan Plunkett

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