Friday, September 19, 2008

“What a Journey!”
Oh my, what a hike! For some more frustrating than to others. But none the less, all we have to do in a place like this is open our eyes, respect and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.
Say we get lost. So we get lost together with enough strapped to our bags to last us weeks. And we’ve got more than the ten essentials, we got Jeff who seems to know the wind rivers like the back of his hand.
Frustrating days will continue to come and go. Ken Hutchinson said it best “you gotta learn from it, rise above it and laugh a little.” And guess what, after all the frustration, effort, ups and downs, zig-zag-a-di-doos and wrap arounds we made it to our destination with nobody getting hurt!
After setting up camp and cooking some grub to fill our hard working bellies, I went to take a hundred (walking a hundred feet from the site to dig a hole and poo) and where I was pirched on a surprisingly comfortable log I heard a sound that put an ear to ear grin on my face. I heard three or four people laughing hystarically. In my opinion, laughter is the key to happiness and with it one can turn even the gloomiest of all days into a joyful, life long memory. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the view I had and the laughter I heard while dropping a deuce across that amazing meadow… The End

Derek Hofeldt

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