Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Other Perspective-

Oh glorious sleep how much I love you and so do many tent mates. We finally arose around 9:00 a.m. feeling super refreshed and thankful, yet guilty for we knew the other half of our group was well on their way on the toilsome trek to the trailer. Ooter came over and we conversed around our breakfast nook; humble yet adequate. We decide in consensus style which peak to conquer. Once to the top we retired to our own obligations whether that is journals, meditation, or a view that speaks of majestic beauty. We lingered as long as possible at the summit until our stomachs brought us down for a lunchtime snack. After this we started on journals again as some of us bathed, oh boy was that water muy frio yet refreshing. The hiking group arrived back early yet we still decided to have a dinner on us for the tired souls. We had a joyous feast and marveled in the fact that full bellies and warm feet seem to put everyone at ease. As we circled around the fire in the darkness of Wyoming we wond down the night with scary tales and a great bonding experience that offers for sweet dreams and solace for the soul, unless your afraid of songs from P.G. movies. Just kidding! I love ya’ll!

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