Friday, September 26, 2008

Up and at em’ ol’ boys! The broken record unspoken statement of the early morn! Another glorious hike with my tent group, my pals, my comrades. Uphill, downhill all the levels in between. Stops for funny statements placed under carans, down slow too much keep on truckin’! Ambiguity shrieks from the duck tapped fencepost at heaven’s lake. Ridiculously superb backdrops, is this hike so surreal, so surreal I’m still dreaming. “Oh hello again!” We stated to the group coming up the trail behind us. Lets make the stream crossing together friends. Snowball fights and more uphill. Follow the leader now if you will. Don’t look now but we’ve ventured to far, stop for ascent, my pack hit a rock my butt hit the ground and stuck like tar. Their folks gaze yonder up the hillside straight. 9,10,11 elk gallivanting leisurely isn’t that great. Back up the hillside isn’t that great. Back up the trail 90-degree turn up the slippery slope, quads feel the burn. Jeff and Rose await at the top, oh what a surprise, if we wouldn’t second guess ourselves we would have beat them guys. Set up camp and learn some knowledge, snowball fight, my socks are damp. Sweaty and tired I retire away after debrief, brief, and afternoon play. Look forward to tomorrow is what I say, cause Wind River Peak E.C.O.E.E. 08’s on our way.

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