Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emilie Litow // 9-18-08


Back at Worthern Meadows in a warm sleeping bag and water lapping the shore, my eyes slowly open, and I get a whiff of stinky feet and fresh air. My stomach grumbles, and I do not know why because we had a huge feast the night before leaving me feeling as if I would not eat for months. I hear others rustling about outside; my tent mates and I wish we could stay in our bags. After peaches for breakfast, we all are excited because it is Re-supply Day! Our bags will be full of goodies to eat and all of our baking needs will be met. We all are watching the sky hoping the good weather prevails because soggy flour and hummus will do us no good. Soon re-supply is done and our bags are weighed. Jeff leaves us with Rose for a lesson on environmental ethics while he takes our food bags to the Allen Brothers. Ms. Rose read us The Lorax as we sat under the tarp; Ooter and I curled up as if we were five listening to story time. We all realized how greedy we could be and what would happen if we do not take care of our resources. After our serious lesson, we played the “ha” game. Some of us laughed until we cried; the other half wanted to kick the half that could not stop laughing. After our game, we sorted group gear and then debriefed our busy day. Ooter, Jake, and I cooked dinner while Steve, Courtney, and Ryan S. scouted the next days’ route. Jeff came back and had a surprise for us…Little Debbie Snack Cakes for all of us! We lit a bonfire and had dinner with entertainment from Josh and his guitar. It made for a great meal and night. Soon we realized it was later than we had thought; off to bed we all went to get our beauty rest and dream of the next 24 days in the beautiful backcountry.

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