Monday, September 15, 2008

(Untitled, as the lake at which I wrote)

The sun has gone for the day
the stars beginning to shine
Jupiter's running his course
the universe working in time

unnamed lakes and rivers
rushing mountain streams
who knew life could be so simple
so much more than it seems

and maybe I'll climb a mountain
softly touch the sky
take the road less traveled
to see where the eagles fly

here far away from all the troubles
of a crowded city life
all that i have to do is sit down
and watch as the stars shine bright

now think of something perfect
now think of something right
if you saw a shooting star
what would your wish be tonight?

would it be for some great wisdom?
or would it be for some great truth?
mine would be for contentment
the night sky as my roof

as quietly i sit here
reflecting in my head
there's a simple understanding
that is better left unsaid

out here the western wilderness
no place I'd rather be
among these mountains and valleys
this is where i find me

1 comment:

Shannon Henley said...

Not bad for a brand new Mountain Man..... Uncle Shan...