Friday, September 12, 2008

Meer feet from this moment seems to ly nirvana/meandering amongst the tight ripples of mountain lake water caressed with sunset/ In the conifers treetops boosting regalness though shadowed by his majestic backdoor neighbor conversing with the cotton candy clouds/fish oblivious to the tricks of man protruding at random from their crystal clear underwater sanctuary while birds beckon their joyous notes for all spectators to enjoy/ Tell me friends is this the way that we have shunned until this modern day/ of course it is nature at it’s best has been overshadowed by the civilized giant that has tricked us in forgetting the rest/ Hardships, burdens sure theres a few to get to these places with aw inspiring views/ but toils a many our ancestors had so we could grow up supposedly easier, better, and always more glad/ If you ask me folks we’ve lost our nomadic spirits the traveller’s soul/ not all of us yet on our present day poulation, you can surely see the toll/ toll for whom the bell tower so soothing and melodic/ not nature, oh no the lost soul’s so nuerodic/ Come back to nature everyone, come all/ This realization came suddenly like an unexpected fall/ Wilderness oh wilderness so vast and grand rain down upon all your tranquility, subtly in ever changing scenes/ but don’t force yourself like the industral age for single moment is all it takes to turn the right page/ Ponder on this one message, listen up if you could/ Don’t hardships everyday make worth the greater good?

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