Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21st, 2008- Ryan Plunkett


            Woke up, what a great thing to start the day off.  Gills Park was glorious without the major threat of wind and storms coming in.  The group needed to discuss the problems that have been festering for the past few days that no one else was willing to bring up.  After everyone got what they needed to out in the open problems were discussed and solutions were talked about.  The group was off again to the better brother Bills Park.  On the way we were looking for a non-existent benchmark, we hiked on down the trail and found great campsites after all.  The group had a long lunch that gave us the opportunity to eat something hot and talk about the day before moving into stove repair.  Jeff’s lesson was helpful and interesting to say the least.  It gave us insight on how to repair what is so easily broken with our stoves.  Later I had an amazing three star dump… still no wildlife.  Derek was planning his day while Josh and Ryan cooked an AMAZING meal of Mac, tuna, and cheese OH BOY!  Really not much more to say except I hope that the next day brings more joy than today.

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