Sunday, September 14, 2008

When I woke up this morning and I could see my breath I knew it was going to be cold. It was! Possibly the coldest morning yet, it would warm up though. After a very long a drawn out joke from Jeff involving fur trappers from the area and the Native American’s canoes, it was time to hike.
My day to be scout, cross country, take the bearing and lets go! After we started hiking my now numb toes started to warm up. To make things even better my scouting job put us dead on to where we wanted to be! On the east side of the roaring fork lakes we set our camp.
After lunch and getting a new tent and cook group it was time for some lessons. Today was nutrition, after the lesson we played a fun game of Jeopardy, with Jeff playing a Vanna White (holding the sign) who had possibly let herself go just a little bit. The night concluded with a dinner of cous cous, swimming in very cold water, and hanging out on the rocks looking at the stars and a very full moon.
Josh Standard

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