Monday, September 22, 2008

Woke up and ran out of the tent, man should not have drank so much water before I went to bed. With gray clouds above I checked in with our local weather man, I just want to make sure our hike was still on. Derek said yes, so I continued on with the packing of my gear. About an hour later Derek came back over to our campsite to discuss a some more serious issue. With a pair of hiking boots forgot at Worthern Meadows our group could not hike any further. This became the groups first serious decision as future outdoor leaders. Should the group all go back? Should just a few go back? How many miles is it? How long is the hike going to take? If we did split where would we meet back up at? With these questions being pondered we came to the consensus to hike out of Bills Park, back up north through his brother, Gills Park, and stay a little north of there. With this being done the four people who are going on ‘operation boot recovery’ will have to travel less distant, but it also puts the group closer to our rendezvouz for food resupply.
As we headed back north to Gills Park we got to again see the landscape and for a brief while it even snowed on us, which added to the beauty. The hike was much easier this time since we headed down hill and at no time we set up our new camp. With a break to get warm Jeff then taught us group roles, and where as individuals we stand according to these roles. After the lesson ended the snow stopped and the sun came out and a quick debrief by Derek ended the day and the night was ours. The group had a fire to warm our bones and some ghost stories were told to creep us out, what a way to end the night.

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