Monday, September 1, 2008

Ryan Plunkett

Up before the crack of dawn 4:15 to be precise.  Saw my breath before anything else.  Once I flung the tent door open all I saw was the familiar ground covered in snow.  We swept the ground one final time, and were off in the van again.  After yet another brief nap we awoke outside Yellowstone not to see a wolf.   The trip turned around with the thought of breakfast.  Once we ate and packed the trailer again we headed out to the overlook for the most amazing debrief we have had yet.  As I approached the edge to take yet another picture my camera fell from my pocket down a ledge about 15 feet.  Rose was more than willing to go retrieve the last member of our crew.  We were off yet again to take showers and do laundry.  No time limit you say on the shower great!!!  Off yet again to the visitor traps. We scrambled to set up camp and finished about 10 minutes before the grapple started to fall.  We rejoiced with a snowball fight in September.  We took a break from the fun and started to work on our critique.  After we had some mandatory fun time, where we played some ultimate football this was some well-needed recreation for us all.  Dinner was vegetarian meatballs, kinda ironic don’t you think?  A little to ironic.. enough with the songs.  We made a decision as a group to go and see the last interpretation.  We learned about the fishing and wildlife and the regulations that were added and enforced.  The jokes were dull and the narration dry, but I knew I had to stay awake and listen to this guy.  The fluctuation of the green letters was done to the best, I guess ill just leave the rest.  Back at camp we had some tender talk and then off to bed.

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