Thursday, September 11, 2008


Up at six am.

In the fog.

Soup for breakfast.  MMM,MMM.

After a long morning of packing packs, and cleaning the van, trailer and the camp site the LOD had quite the decision to make.  To hike in the rain or not to hike in the rain.

Luckily she made the right decision and we took off.  Packs packed full and excitement on everyone’s face as we walk into the wild.

About 45 minutes into our hike and we find our destination.  Jeff and Rose performed a great skit on how to find a good campsite.  And then we all went off to find our own.  Schaible, Ooter and I found a great spot across a creek and up a hill.

After finding that steller spot and setting up camp we headed back to Jeff and Rose’s “house” to have them demonstrate how to poo properly in the wild and how to use the camp stoves.  Then shortly after, we cooked our first backcountry meals.  Every group’s dinner seemed to hit the spot!

DeBoer’s leave no trace lesson after dinner was excellent and gave us all ideas on how to find a great campsite and not make one.

All the groups went our separate ways after the LNT lesson.

And in the moonlight, after a busy day, Ooter made up some amazing oreo jelly whatchmacallits, a long relaxing sit out in the moonlight and then off to bed for all…

Derek Hofeldt

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