Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 20 - Katy Hunt

Ah ha! After the endless August heat, we are now coolly rolling into September here on the English River. Life in the back country is never dull, especially when it comes to the weather.

Our group woke up to a hazy sky filled with stratus clouds and a light wind. None the less our determined leader, Molly, looked at the sky with hope of better weather. With the direction to load the boats, the group quickly filled their canoes with both personal and group gear while dark clouds filled the sky.

By the time everything was packed and ready to go, a dark array of nimbostratus clouds had gathered around the lake making the water swell with waves. Surveying the quickly rising waves as well as the blowing southern wind, it was decided we would wait out the storm on the island.

Instead of staying on the student’s side of the island, we quickly paddled over to “Jeeve’s” (Jeff and Steve” side of the island where there was more room to accommodate all of us. Our convoy moved Molly knew the time spent on the island could not be wasted so she and Jeff decided lessons would have to do.

Jeff spoke of lightning safety, while Brittany pointed out the Six W’s of campsite selection, Heather taught us all about rocks and Nicki on wildlife’s habitats and homes, but we all had to wonder if we would ever get off the island. A quick break for lunch was given and the sun popped out for the time being warming our spirits with thoughts of departure. However, the sun didn’t stay and visit long, for the wind soon picked up again and in rolled the clouds.

Seeing the slim possibility of parting shore, Jeff continued his lessons with a brief on decision making skills which put us all in a guessing mood. To top off the day, a little personal TLC time was given where everyone got to take advantage of the spacious trees to hang clothes lines. Our campsite on the island soon resembled a commune full of people bathing off the shore. I’m sure it was an interesting sight to see when a pair of motor boats passed by, but that’s just the ECOEE way.

Until Wilson and I get off this island,

Katy Hunt

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