Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 26 - Justin Morris

Quote of the Day:
“What the fool does in the end, the wise man does in the beginning.” -proverb

As fast as this trip came, itʼs end is literally in sight. The group left this morning from one of our most beloved camp sites thus far. But only after two interpretation lessons given by Monica and Nicki. Our leader of the day, Molly, had us packed and ready by seven for a very short paddle day. Our partners were new, instead of sticking with the usual male/female pairs, and instead having all male pairs and all female pairs for the first time the entire trip. We set sail around eight thirty, leaving behind us the English River which some will miss dearly and others not at all. We have become one with our paddles, in control of our own destination and goals. Our objective is close, almost literally in sight. The mood is good due to the near completion of our objective of reaching the finish line in time. The fruits of our labor revealed themselves in the form of a sandy, beautiful beach equipped with a “slammer” (make shift toilet) and filet (cooking) tables for fisherman to use on the south end of Ruby Island. Weʼre now only a few short hours away from our destination by way of canoe. The group got some much needed R & R in the form of free time in which we did laundry, journaling, and other homework. We also took baths :). After a short risk management lesson by old man river, we broke for dinner and compiled what we had left in our food bags for pizzas and pasta. One by one we drifted to sleep, some dreaming of technology and civilization, and others a resupply with soda and candy included just to be able to stay longer. So long sports fans!


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