Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 34- Brittany Abrams

This morning we awoke at Horn Field Campus for the last time in a long while. We had planned to hit the road and head west for two months—7AM was when we wanted to depart but due to lateness we did not leave until another half hour later. Brandon was ALOD and I got to ride shotgun for him to discuss tomorrow’s plans. Jen was LOD and did a wonderful job having and helping the rest of us get ready. We were to travel 504 miles today from Macomb, IL to Sioux Fall, SD. The trip itself was chill. Brandon and I chatted along as others caught up on sleep. The weather was grey and cool but the air was crisp- fall was underway which I am excited about since it is my favorite season of the year. About 8-10 hours later on the road and we made it to our destination.

Kampsites of America (KOA) was where we set up camp for the night. Sarah, Tony, and Justin did a great job making a scrumptious “motherly dinner” which consisted of a roast-like dish, fresh corn on the cob from the Wessel’s farm, and brownies! We took advantage of the warm pavilion located next to camp to work and eat in. After dinner, and working on personal work, Jeeves had their evaluation with Jen. When all of us united again we did Monica’s group evaluation. The night was late to finish so many went right to bed after debrief and brief for the following day, and some of us stayed up to finish group work. Debrief was for the first time short, sweet, and to the point, which was what we were aiming for this entire time. The group is doing well and I know I am excited for being back in the front country and exploring the West! Back country was a success –let us make front country that way too! Love and miss you all from home…and until next time take care.

Peace and Love Always,

“The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. The less you know, the less you forget. The less you forget, the more you know.”

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