Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 37- Tony Beyer

Today was one of those “play it by ear” days, we were scheduled to have a professional meeting at Badlands National Park. However due to scheduling conflicts by the Badlands park ranger we were unable to have our meeting. Even with that hiccup we rolled with the punches per usual and moved on to Mount Rushmore National Monument. Corey our stern LOD directed us flawlessly to Mt. Rushmore, but not before a brief stop at Wall Drug. You all may be asking “Where the heck is Wall Drug?” but it is this tiny tourist town that got its claim to fame by offering free ice water. We all had our time to cruise the one blocked tourist trap until it was back I n the vans and on our way to the monument.

Once at Mt. Rushmore we got two hours of free time to do what we wanted. Some went on a ranger walk that explained some neat facts about the monument. Others just took a stroll around admiring the extreme and beautiful work. I personally was very excited to be3 where the epic final chase scene of Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” was filmed. But after that glow wore off we all took our respectable pictures as us being the fifth member of the monument.

After Mt. Rushmore we scooted over to Crazy Horse which is supposed to be the Native American rebuttal to Mt. Rushmore yet it was started 60 years ago and only about 1/10th of it is done. After the long day we arrived at our campground in Wind Cave National Park, which is where I’m writing from right now. But until next time I’m Tony Beyer signing off.

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